Artists I like (14): Morgann’ Gyger


Here comes another artist interview, this time from Switzerland. Morgann’ and I met on the web and she is inspired by Morten who started my series of “Artists I like” in 2009.

Please introduce yourself:
Morgann’ Gyger, 36 years old,
From Pully, Switzerland.
Making mainly watercolor but also, oil painting, drawings and photos.

What is your definition of art?
Art is the only way to materialized our thoughts feelings and dreams. It makes the invisible visible. It captures a moment, as to leave a trace.

I often feel the need to paint, to draw or to write when I’m sad or melancholic. It is a good therapy!

Art is the essence of humanity. The only thing that differentiates us from an animal or plant. This is the best way I found to understand and describe the world around me and my inner world. Art has a divine essence.

Iceland impression


Why have you become an artist?
I don’t know if anyone chooses to become an artist. You are or you are not!
There are many ways to express artistic abilities. Philosophers are also artists in my opinion.

My grand-father, my oncle, my mother, my father are or were all oil painters, so it was natural for me to paint. In 2007 I discovered the work of Morten Gjul. A Norwegian painter who works mainly with nordic modern watercolor. And it moved me a lot. It has been a kind of revelation I think.

Somewhere in Iceland


What is your favourite artwork of your own and why?
Well… maybe that one I named «Wire». It has been quick and easy to paint… without planning anything. A nice memory of painting. But ask me tomorrow, and it will be another one …



How do you work?
I work in my kitchen, which I use as an art studio … lack of anything better!
Sometimes I have a precise idea of what I want to paint with a concret motive. Sometime I just play with pigments and water and let the chance guiding me into something

Who is your favourite artist?
Morten W. Gjul for the reasons I explained before. But they are many others like Tor-Arne Moen, Lars Lerin, Odd Nerdrum, Carmelo de la Pinta, H.-R. Giger for painters. The sculptor Nuccio Fontanella.

Seagull landing


What is your favourite material to work with and why?
Watercolor, because it gives a liberty of letting flow and to accept to loose control and let things happen by themselves. Sometimes water and pigments express themselves on the paper and you have to deal with it. That is a great lesson in the everyday life. I also love the transparency and the light effect it brings, pure and vaporous.

Could you live without making art (and why/why not)?
Now I’ve tried… definitely not!

I could live without painting but I for sure would have expressed myself in another form of art. I have been ballet dancer many years, it brings me a lot too.


Where can others find you on the web?
or on facebook:


Merci pour tes réponses, Morgann’! 🙂
All photos © Morgann’ Gyger

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