Farzad Kohan: Lost Paintings

Finally I found the time to do my part in the „Lost Paintings“ project of Farzad Kohan. The artist living now in Los Angeles/USA has sent small acrylic paintings to people all around the world who then put them somewhere outside and take pictures of them that are sent back to Farzad who collects them.

So here is my contribution: „Lost Paintings“ in Bonn (Beuel) Germany:

(Footbridge ferryboat on Rhine river between Bonn Beuel and Bonn city/Germany.)


When I put the paintings there, a lady passing by stopped and admired the paintings. When I explained the project to her amd told her she could take a painting with her, she said: „No, that would be a pity. I want others to enjoy them too!“ 🙂

Btw.: I have already taken part in another project of Farzad in 2007: River of life. That’s why I chose a river as location for this project too – but no boats this time. 😉

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