Neues Zuhause für „Paprika“

Nachdem ich die Wand in unserem hinteren Flur für ein anderes Bild beansprucht habe, musste u.a. mein Acrylgemälde „Paprika“ weichen.…WeiterlesenNeues Zuhause für „Paprika“

Der Traum – The Dream

Acrylic painting with paper on canvas 80x120cm by Annette Schwindt Currently hanging in Göttingen (private) Annette SchwindtDies ist mein persönliches…WeiterlesenDer Traum – The Dream

Greeting from the past

When I was discussing whether to go on with my art website or not on my facebook profile the other…WeiterlesenGreeting from the past

My old atelier

When I was still a student I had my little atelier in the attic of my parents‘ house. Here are…WeiterlesenMy old atelier

English things 2013

In May my friends Mer and Joolz who have already been featured in this blog before have come from England…WeiterlesenEnglish things 2013

Some very early Schwindts

My parents used to collect my paintings from the very beginning. A few years ago my father scanned them and…WeiterlesenSome very early Schwindts


Acrylfarbe und Papier auf Leinwand120x80cmAuftragsarbeit Die Leinwand wurde mit Gebrannter Siena, Eisenoxidschwarz und Pigmenten in dunklem Eisenoxidbraun eingefärbt. Die weißen…WeiterlesenPaar

Art is communication too

English translation of the interview  by Stephanie Ristig-Bresser Annette Schwindt about her artistic work Besides working as a communications consultant,…WeiterlesenArt is communication too

My (almost) first portrait painting

Having visited the Bonn art museum today and having seen a lot of painted portraits I was so inspired that…WeiterlesenMy (almost) first portrait painting

Some art stuff going on ;-)

When our friends Mer and Joolz were here last week we had another painting day together. Here are a few…WeiterlesenSome art stuff going on 😉

Hexenkessel on tour

As mentioned quite a while ago I had the idea to bring my artwork outside and to take photos of…WeiterlesenHexenkessel on tour

Time’s running out…

… and my cardreader has given up so I couldn’t upload the photos I had made of our paintings. But…WeiterlesenTime’s running out…