My (almost) first portrait painting

Portrait of Mer

Having visited the Bonn art museum today and having seen a lot of painted portraits I was so inspired that I couldn’t sit still. When our friends Mer & Joolz had been here recently I had made some portrait photos of them and one of Mer came to my mind that could be a good model for a painting:

Photo of Mer

So I did what I’ve only done once before: I painted a portrait. I’ve drawn quite a few portraits before but such a painting was new to me…


EDIT: What could not be seen well from the scan above is that the hair as well as the iris are painted with gold. Which leads to a change of appearance of the painting depending on the angle from which you look on it.

Here’s another photo from a different angle that illustrates this effect:


Annette Schwindt
Ich bin entweder selbst schreibend tätig, oder wirke für andere als Kommunikations-Katalysator. Das bedeutet: Ich begleite andere bei ihrem eigenen Projekt und bringe sie durch Beratung und Vernetzung voran. Interesse an einer Zusammenarbeit? Übrigens: Ich verorte mich selbst im autistischen Spektrum, ich (re)agiere also nicht immer so, wie andere es erwarten. ;-) Aber keine Angst: Ich beiße nicht, denn vor allem bin ich eins: Ein Mensch! - Beiträge per Mail abonnieren -

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  1. Wow! I feel honoured! thats amazing! 😀 …i think the painting has done me justice! I didn’t realize my eyes were that colour! you obviously got me on a green day! they sometimes change!
    Thank you Nette! Lots of lovely lovely English things!
    Well done! it looks fantastic! xxxxx

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