Artists I like (25) – Frank-Michael Preuss

Dieser Künstler und ich folgen einander schon lange via Social Media, da wir uns gleich für mehrere Themen beide interessieren.…WeiterlesenArtists I like (25) – Frank-Michael Preuss

Artists I like (10 years later) – Helen Dearnley

Another artist who has been featured in the first series of interviews over ten years ago is Helen Dearnley. We’re…WeiterlesenArtists I like (10 years later) – Helen Dearnley

Artists I like (10 years later) – Barbara Bernard

Another one of my very first artist interviews was the one with the US-American artist Barbara Bernard. As we are…WeiterlesenArtists I like (10 years later) – Barbara Bernard

Artists I like (10 years later) – Johan P. Jonsson

Long before the big social media hype I spent much of my online time in forums and then on a…WeiterlesenArtists I like (10 years later) – Johan P. Jonsson

Artists I like (24): Michael Nguyen

I have discovered Michael on Facebook interacting with the posts of Antoine Josse. I liked his photos and was interested…WeiterlesenArtists I like (24): Michael Nguyen

Artists I like (23): tutticonfetti

If you’ve ever been at our place for a cup of tea, you will have noticed the beautifully designed packages…WeiterlesenArtists I like (23): tutticonfetti

Artists I like (22): Wilfried Georg Barber

Finally a new artist interview again! I rather stumbled across this painter when chatting with his wife who is a…WeiterlesenArtists I like (22): Wilfried Georg Barber

Artists I like (21): Mattias Nutt

Time to present another photographer. I met him online during a speech I had held via Skype at a Swiss…WeiterlesenArtists I like (21): Mattias Nutt

Artists I like (20): Heike Rost

The following photographer was recommended to me by a common Facebook friend. So I started to follow her there and…WeiterlesenArtists I like (20): Heike Rost

Artists I like (19): Rasso Bruckert

Finally a new interview for my artist series. This time with a photographer I’ve known for quite a while now…WeiterlesenArtists I like (19): Rasso Bruckert

Artists I like (18): Isabel Lopes

Time for a new artist interview! Isabel Lopes was recommended to me by Penny Lewin-Hetherington and I really like what…WeiterlesenArtists I like (18): Isabel Lopes

Artists I like (17): Marcel Bernet

To my surprise my dear PR collegue from Switzerland Marcel Bernet is an artist too! So I asked him to…WeiterlesenArtists I like (17): Marcel Bernet