Artists I like: Dino Serrao

Artist interview with Italian street photographer Dino Serrao who travels the world to make people see how extraordinary they are. He wants to make an impact on their lifes, from his head to his heart to his camera.WeiterlesenArtists I like: Dino Serrao

Artists I like: Maren Martschenko

Maren und ich folgen einander im beruflichen Kontext schon lange via Social Media. Dabei habe ich auch ihre Leidenschaft fürs…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Maren Martschenko

Artists I like: Martin Eckrich

Auch diesen Künstler habe ich schon vor über 20 Jahren kennengelernt, als ich noch in Speyer volontiert habe, genauer gesagt,…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Martin Eckrich

Artists I like: Frank-Michael Preuss

Dieser Künstler und ich folgen einander schon lange via Social Media, da wir uns gleich für mehrere Themen beide interessieren.…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Frank-Michael Preuss

Artists I like (10 years later): Helen Dearnley

Another artist who has been featured in the first series of interviews over ten years ago is Helen Dearnley. We’re…WeiterlesenArtists I like (10 years later): Helen Dearnley

Artists I like (10 years later): Barbara Bernard

Another one of my very first artist interviews was the one with the US-American artist Barbara Bernard. As we are…WeiterlesenArtists I like (10 years later): Barbara Bernard

Artists I like (10 years later): Johan P. Jonsson

Long before the big social media hype I spent much of my online time in forums and then on a…WeiterlesenArtists I like (10 years later): Johan P. Jonsson

Artists I like: Michael Nguyen

I have discovered Michael on Facebook interacting with the posts of Antoine Josse. I liked his photos and was interested…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Michael Nguyen

Artists I like: tutticonfetti

If you’ve ever been at our place for a cup of tea, you will have noticed the beautifully designed packages…WeiterlesenArtists I like: tutticonfetti

Artists I like: Wilfried Georg Barber

Finally a new artist interview again! I rather stumbled across this painter when chatting with his wife who is a…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Wilfried Georg Barber

Artists I like: Mattias Nutt

Time to present another photographer. I met him online during a speech I had held via Skype at a Swiss…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Mattias Nutt

Artists I like: Heike Rost

The following photographer was recommended to me by a common Facebook friend. So I started to follow her there and…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Heike Rost