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If you’ve ever been at our place for a cup of tea, you will have noticed the beautifully designed packages from trinkmeertee because we would let you chose from their various sorts. Then you might also have noticed the carefully framed postcards with the same illustrations in our dining room:

Framed postcards from trinkmeerteeMaybe (if you’re a woman) I’ve also pointed out the lovely women’s calendars to you that have been made by the same artist. Her brand name is tutticonfetti. But who is the person behind those lovely illustrations? Time to get to know her a little better:

Please introduce yourself

My name is Marta Colomer aka Maruta. I was born in 1970 in Dénia, a town in Alicante but I currently live and work in Valencia, Spain. I’ve studied advertising and graphic design in Madrid, London and Valencia.

Tutticonfetti was the result of a mixture of uncertainty, inspiration, luck and something of fear. In 2012 I lost my job and I had to look for a work alternative and that’s where a project with which I enjoyed experimenting arose and soon became my way of life.

What is your definition of art?

Art is everything that is capable of moving feelings inside us, for better or for worse. It is behind hundreds of small things and is a form of expression for many people whose sensitivity does not allow it to do otherwise.

A sailor with a beard smoking a pipe and a hat with a bird on topWhy have you become an artist?

Art has been fundamental in my life, normally enjoying it through the senses, rather than creating myself particularly, I am not aware of being an artist but if I am, it is not premeditated.

What kind of works of art do you offer?

With my illustrations I basically try to bring a smile or a reflection to the people who observe them.

A man and a woman hugging each otherWhat is your favorite work of art and why?

I really like „love you so much“ and “Alice in Wonderland”.

Alics and the white rabbit talking to each otherHow and where do you work?

I work at home, where I have my own study-room. I have a flexible schedule, although mornings are much more productive than afternoons.

I mainly work directly with the computer, I illustrate with a graphic tablet and usually with several programs, Indesign, Afinnity or illustrator.
If the work that I have to do is very complex, I usually sketch something quickly on paper, but it is really very schematic.

Who is your favorite artist?

I do not have a favorite artist, I have so much and is difficult to name just one, although one that fascinates me and inspires me is the German illustrator Michael Sowa.

What is your favorite material to work and why?

It really would not be a material, it would be the colors and in particular a specific chromatic range, I flee from the primary colors, although my color palette is very limited and is part of the personality of my creations.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson facig each otherCould you live without making art and, if so, what other profession would you have chosen?

Every day I think of something I would have done in the case of not working on what I work; music player, dancer, ornithologist …

Where can others find you on the web?

On my page
and in my store:

And (added by Annette) on this fabulous instagram page:

Anything else you would like to add?

Simply that it has been a pleasure, and thank you very much for your interest in my work.

Thank you so much for answering my questions, dear Maruta! 🙂

Man and woman on a swing, swinging towards each other
Framed postcards photo © Annette Schwindt
All other photos © tutticonfetti

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this article nor have I been asked to publish it by the artist or anyone else. If I post articles like this on my blog then I do it because I want to tell a story about it or because I am curious to find out more about someone/something.

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