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Von denen Vampiren (4)

Nach dem ausführlichen Bloggespräch mit Vampirkenner Markus Heitz geht es jetzt wieder snackable mit ein paar Filmtipps weiter. Wie versprochen … Weiterlesen

Into the woods

Into the woods and the Jeremy days

When I heard that „Into the woods“ had been made a movie, I remembered the person who had introduced me to this musical about 25 years ago. His name was Jeremy from Bridgewater, New Jersey and he was an exchange student at my school in Speyer, Germany. He lived at my friend Christian’s house. He kept singing and quoting the muscial all the time and he said he wanted to become an actor. As life goes, we never heard from him again once he was back in the US… But we still wonder: Where is he today and what has become of him?

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