Artists I like: Rasso Bruckert

Finally a new interview for my artist series. This time with a photographer I’ve known for quite a while now…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Rasso Bruckert

Artists I like: Isabel Lopes

Time for a new artist interview! Isabel Lopes was recommended to me by Penny Lewin-Hetherington and I really like what…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Isabel Lopes

Artists I like: Marcel Bernet

To my surprise my dear PR collegue from Switzerland Marcel Bernet is an artist too! So I asked him to…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Marcel Bernet

Artists I like: P. Lewin-Hetherington

I cannot really remember where Penny and I met first. Was ist on Myspace or on Furumania? But anyway we…WeiterlesenArtists I like: P. Lewin-Hetherington

Artists I like: C.P.Seibt

C.P.Seibt contacted me for a social web consulting. The consulting was done via skype (from me in Bonn to his…WeiterlesenArtists I like: C.P.Seibt

Merci Antoine!

After admiring the gorgeous sculptures and paintings of Antoine Josse for so many years, we’ve decided to buy some of…WeiterlesenMerci Antoine!

Artists I like: Silja Korn

And another interview ith an artist I like. I got to know Silja online when she and her husband Guido…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Silja Korn

Farzad Kohan: Lost Paintings

Finally I found the time to do my part in the „Lost Paintings“ project of Farzad Kohan. The artist living…WeiterlesenFarzad Kohan: Lost Paintings

Artists I like: Johan P. Jonsson

Here comes another interview with an artist I like: Johan P. Jonsson from Sweden. Johan and I met a few…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Johan P. Jonsson


Last night the first snow fell and this morning the postman rang and brought me my package from Paul Stolper…WeiterlesenMAGNE-IFICENT CHRISTMAS!

Artists I like: Lelija Roy

While spreading the word about my interview series with artists I like on Twitter, I got lots of new followers…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Lelija Roy

Artists I like: Renato Cardarello

This time I’m presenting an artist I know from real life and of whom we have several paintings in our…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Renato Cardarello