Artists I like: C.P.Seibt

C.P.Seibt contacted me for a social web consulting. The consulting was done via skype (from me in Bonn to his atelier in Greece) and I liked what I saw in the background. So I thought I’d present him here too.

Please introduce yourself:
I’m an artist, living on Paros. Painting is my earliest memory of my second year. Now I am seventy-six and I continue working daily and intensively. I lived in different countries of several continents and in different cultures.

What is your definition of art?
A hope.

Why have you become an artist?
I started in my second year. Now I am 76 and work more intensively than ever.

I can’t answer the “ why“. The „how“ answers itself while I work.

What is your favourite artwork of your own and why?
Always the one I’m working on.

I don’t look back as far as my work is concerned. Also not forward.

How do you work?
Intensive. Every day many hours.
I do not believe that I’m the master of the process of creation.
I am a participant of the process.


Who is your favourite artist?
Every other answer would neither be honest nor helpful.
In order to be able to gon on I have to be as most aware as possible.
But of course, I love, admire and appreciate many artists.
All of them before me have been and still are my teachers.
But in order to contribute my dialect to the language of art,
I had to (and still have to) depart from them.

What is your favourite material to work with and why?
I work with all materials I can grap.
In painting my favourite material is oil and pastell.

Could you live without making art?
Creation is not a choice for me.
It’s my life. Therefore: Without creating it does’nt matter wether I breath or not
– I’m dead for sure.

Where can others find you on the web?

Vielen Dank, Herr Seibt!
All photos © C.P.Seibt

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