Artists I like: Wilfried Georg Barber

Finally a new artist interview again! I rather stumbled across this painter when chatting with his wife who is a…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Wilfried Georg Barber

Artists I like: Isabel Lopes

Time for a new artist interview! Isabel Lopes was recommended to me by Penny Lewin-Hetherington and I really like what…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Isabel Lopes

Artists I like: C.P.Seibt

C.P.Seibt contacted me for a social web consulting. The consulting was done via skype (from me in Bonn to his…WeiterlesenArtists I like: C.P.Seibt

Artists I like: Jim Mahoney

Being in contact with other artists all around the world through social media I decided to present a few of…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Jim Mahoney