Artists I like: Jim Mahoney

Being in contact with other artists all around the world through social media I decided to present a few of them. Here is another one from the USA whom I got to know on myspace and who recently told me he is an artist with Synaesthesia (in the most common form where all letters and numbers have a specific color):

jim mahoney photoPlease introduce yourself:
My name is Jim Mahoney, i’m 42 years old. I currently live in Atlanta GA, however was born and raised in Northern New Jersey.

What is your definition of art?
My definition of art is something that moves the viewer emotionally and represents something significant to the artist. The artist’s desire to express these emotions should be present within the art itself. For me that is what creates a sense of urgency and strengthens the work. The expression should be personal and honest verses a premeditated projection of to acheive a certain effect or response.

Why have you become an artist?
I enjoy the process of painting. I’m moved by application of colors and creating textures, contrast and movement.

What is your favourite artwork of your own and why?
I made a frame out of some found rusted metal roofing. I first completed the frame, then created a painting that became one with the frame, my intent was to create a unified viewing experience balancing the level of interest between the frame and the painting. I suspended the painting in the center of the frame using some found rusted bed springs to allow wall color to also be part of the painting.

rouille rouge
rouille rouge

How do you work?
I work in the living room of my home, which gets messy! However, part of my artistic process is to spend several days living with a painting and making corrections when they become obvious to me. The painting needs to be in constant view to become a completed work. I’ve tried renting a studio space, however unless I’m living there it just doesn’t work for me.

Who is your favourite artist?
Tough question, as I have never spent much time focused on the work of other artists. My grandfather who was also a painter gave me a book by HR Giger when I was a teen. I liked a lot of the complexity of his work, which surely influenced me.. some of his work disturbed me as well, which provided some insight as to the value of moving the viewer emotionally regardless of the direction… even disturbing the viewer provides an emotional movement, therefore you were effective 😉

wounded by the machine
wounded by the machine

What is your favourite material to work with and why?
I like oils, somewhere along the line I convinced myself the colors were richer. Maybe that is in my head, not sure. I also like the extended drying time as I spend most of my time making a series of changes and corrections.


Could you live without making art (and why/why not)?
We make art in everything we do while interacting with the world and those in it. I could not live without this interaction, however without this interaction we really wouldn’t be alive anyway. If I could no longer paint, I would find something else… There are too many forms of expression I enjoy as part of the human condition to feel painting is my life. I feel it’s important for an artist to live as much as they paint as these experiences are ultimatly the content for your art. I hope that makes sense.

Where can others find you on the web?
Hmmmm, you can view my art on

All images (c) Jim Mahoney
Thanks a lot for the interview, Jim! :-)

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