Fotos von Mer & Joolz

Bei einem ihrer Besuche bei uns habe ich die folgenden Portraitfotos von unseren Freunden Mer und Joolz aus England geschossen…WeiterlesenFotos von Mer & Joolz

English things 2013

In May my friends Mer and Joolz who have already been featured in this blog before have come from England…WeiterlesenEnglish things 2013

My (almost) first portrait painting

Having visited the Bonn art museum today and having seen a lot of painted portraits I was so inspired that…WeiterlesenMy (almost) first portrait painting

Some art stuff going on ;-)

When our friends Mer and Joolz were here last week we had another painting day together. Here are a few…WeiterlesenSome art stuff going on 😉