English things 2013

In May my friends Mer and Joolz who have already been featured in this blog before have come from England and painted with me again. Joolz had an especially productive day while Mer did two and I did one painting only. Here are some snapshots from the making of and photos of the results (Mer, your strawberry painting is missing!):

Mer and Joolz in action





and another one


On acrylic glass

And here comes Mer's one on glass

And here's mine

And this is how my hands looked like after the first attempt of cleaning

Ich mach was mit Schreiben und werde für andere als Kommunikations-Katalysator oder Portraitfotografin tätig . >>>Mehr über die Arbeit mit mir lesen. Ich verorte mich selbst im Autismus-Spektrum (beiße aber nicht), bin chronisch digital und vor allem eins: Ein Mensch und Teil von #teamsutsche.

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