Greeting from the past

When I was discussing whether to go on with my art website or not on my facebook profile the other day, an acquaintance of more than a decade ago reminded me that she had made a collage way back then that has one of my paintings in print as background.

The painting is 20x20cm acrylic on canvas and called Gold. It actually looks like this:


Acrylics on canvas


Ich mach was mit Schreiben: Bloggerin, Autorin, freie Journalistin, Online-Redakteurin, (Fach)Lektorin. Übrigens: Ich verorte mich selbst im autistischen Spektrum, (re)agiere also nicht immer so, wie andere es erwarten. 😉 Portraitfotografin, chronisch digital und vor allem Mensch. #teamsutsche

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