Merci Antoine!

Je ne joue plus

After admiring the gorgeous sculptures and paintings of Antoine Josse for so many years, we’ve decided to buy some of his artwork. Unfortunately sculptures aren’t that easy to ship so we went for paintings only.

As „Je ne joue plus“ (I don’t play anymore) was one of the sculptures I like best, I was happy to see that the matching painting was still available (see above).

Another one featured in Antoine’s interview here on my blog was „Jeux dangereux“ (dangerous games). Though he had changed it a bit in color in the meantime, I still like it a lot:

jeux dangereux



Both paintings have been put with others of mine and of friends. Now everytime we see them it makes us think of Antoine who is a great inspiration to me!

Oh and by now you can find him on Facebook too! 😉

Merci  beaucoup, Antoine!

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