Sold and ordered artwork

Some of my artwork has been sold or been ordered. Some of my artwork has travelled a long way (in distance and one also in time) to find their place at a new owner. So I thought I’d make a list of what is where now:

Die andere Seite

The first painting I have sold was the second acrylic painting I have ever made! An American friend asked me if she could buy it before it was even dry! It’s now hanging in Maryland, USA.

Two of my early paintings are decorating my husband’s office since 2006 now. That’s „Sonne“ (which was an experiment with paper) and „Solidarität“ (which he ordered like that). „Solidarität“ includes excerpts of the social law which is one of the things my husband works with every day.

Then an English friend asked me if she could buy my „blue series“. So these four little paintings went to Cornwall/UK. The same friend also asked me if I could make a portrait drawing of her baby daughter which of course I gladly did.

Drawing of baby Morgan

Another experiment with paper (and one of my favourite pieces) is the painting „Paar“:


It was ordered by my parents-in-law in 2006 to fit in the place where it is hanging now. When they later saw my „Welt von oben“ series, they asked me to hang them in the same room.


My painting „Herbst“ went to Vienna/Austria as a thank you for a friend. Then another Austrian friend who is blind ordered a „feel painting“ from me. This was a challenge but thanks to different material textures it became a success!

Our blind friend discovering the painting by touching it

When an Irish friend of mine travelled through Peru in 2006 he made a photo in the town Arequipa that inspired me because of the intense colors. I made a painting of it and it is now hanging in Cork/Ireland.


The painting with the longest travelling story was definitely the one ordered by my friend Timo! While the one that had gone to the US had taken less than a week to arrive at its new owner, this one almost got lost in christmas post delivery… and this inside of Germany! But finally the painting arrived safely in Weimar and has now moved to Nürnberg with its owners.

„Verheerung“ and „Der Traum“ (see below) have been given away to Jena/Germany.


A myspace friend from Italy asked me to make a painting similar to one I didn’t want to sell to be used as cd-cover for his next jazz-cd. That’s why it got the name „Rob’s disc“. He even came here by car to get it personally!


UPDATE April 2016: In the meantime I had to give up on painting like this due to health issues but some more paintings and drawings have found their way to new homes.

Titelbild: Uwe Baumann, Pixabay

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