Can’t get enough of it!

Day 4: Procrastination

Well not so much that as distractions every which way. The carnival meant that we didn’t make a start on things until late in the day. Nette decided how she wanted to change her painting and as I type ahead of the days end I am wondering what I’m going to do with mine. I still have the feeling that anything less than perfect is a waste. Perhaps I should take a leaf from the revellers‘ book and eat, drink and be merry!

As I’m typing the next paragraph it can only mean that we are finished for the evening. I changed the purple to a bronze , which balances far better. The structure paint is very heavy so has pulled the canvas. This can be adjusted at the end so I am not too worried by this.


I have a green piece to add to this as the second square and I know the shade of red that I will get at boesner tomorrow to complete the set. I now need to decide on the texture it should have.

Nette has been productive with her evening. Progression has been made with yesterday’s piece.


The photo has been taken while the patina was still taking effect so we are still awaiting the final result! We’ll keep you posted!

Here are some more pictures of our evening at the „Esszimmertisch“!


The artists at work!

The following are by Nette:



Me ‚at work‘:


As I finish this post off for the evening I can’t help but look longingly at the work area. Another cup of coffee and away I go. The night is still young! 😉

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