Let go and relax

Day 1: Best intentions.

With all the will and enthusiasm in the world we still didn’t get round to starting our paintings until almost midnight of the first day. We did however manage to record some videos on another project.

With this behind us, a good meal in our stomachs and some virtual Marihuana (courtesy: Saving Grace) we have hijacked den Esszimmertisch for the coming week. Gone is the Jakkolo and any civilised meals.

We have broken or barren period by letting go and relaxing. Here’s the first result from Nette and some impressions of the artists working.


Nette: Why didn’t I think of this before?


Nette priming the canvas.


The nightly ateiler.


Charlie: the wax was supposed to go on my legs not on the canvas.


Charlie: the finishing touches to the base.


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