Wrestling with the demons

Day 2:  Confronting fears

Our first hurdle was dealing with pain thresholds at the osteopath. For Charlie this meant watching Nette wince as she was manipulated into various shapes in the name of medicine. As one can imagine this experience was very traumatising for Charlie but Nette dealt with it very well. 😉

After this cracking experience we settled our nerves with a trip to the art shop. However this proved unsuccessful as Charlie almost passed out with all the excitement. Nette on the other hand remained level headed and could see that further assistance would be needed to keep both parties reasonably calm.

Help came in the form of lunch at the sushi bar followed by downtime back at the apartment. Following the osteopath’s orders Nette avoided painting today, so Charlie completed yesterday’s experiments. She is still trying to battle with paint and come to an understanding that it won’t work the same way as pen and ink. No matter how much she swears at it. 😉

Here are the results (Royaume uni: 2 paintings):




Annette Schwindt
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