Artists I like (9): Angela Bruno

This time I’m giong to present an artist I haven’t met online but years ago in school. We had lost contact in our teenage times but not long ago she found me again on facebook and I got to know that she’s a photographer now!

angela brunoPlease introduce yourself:
Angela Bruno, 37 years old, born and grown up in Speyer (Germany), now living and working in Rome/Italy

What is your definition of art?
The definition of art is not easy. It depends on one’s personal experience. For me it is the creation or expression of something beautiful in a visual form, an imaginative skill representing the natural world as a figment of the imagination, a subjective view of creative activities, exploring the bounds of possibility. Art is a kind of visual philosophy, the search for understanding nature and human life.

Why have you become an artist?
Inspired by my father, who used to take photos at any occasion, I discovered my tendency to photography very early. I had my first camera at the age of ten, so taking snaps was my first hobby. I enjoyed catching a moment and conserving it for the future. Later, when I became a professional photographer, I dedicated myself to art because it offers me the possibility of expressing my feelings and emotions filtered through the lens of a camera.


What is your favourite artwork of your own and why?
I don’t have a single favourite artwork, I like best a whole series called „Dream World“. In my view it is my most successful work in effects and colour combination mixing reality and imagination personified by my own subconscious.

How do you work?
I still prefer classical photography with my old reflex camera, cartridge films, developing them in a darkroom, and slides. I’m not too fond of chips and digital storage because I want the beam of light to touch a film and not a computer chip.


Who is your favourite artist?
I do not have a favourite artist. I admire a lot of them, it would be too difficult for me to pick one.

What is your favourite material to work with and why?
As I mentioned above I use cartridge films and slides. My artwork also contains: collage and hand painted photos.


Could you live without making art (and why/why not)?
If I had to live without art I would feel deprived of my civil rights. I couldn’t do so. I feel the necessity to communicate with the world by means of photos which show its beautiful and surprising aspects.

Kaiserdom Speyer

Where can others find you on the web?
My website:

All images (c) Angela Bruno
Danke für das Interview, Angela! :-)

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