Painting together

As some of you might have heard already, my friend Charlie is coming here soon for a painting week. We’ve…WeiterlesenPainting together

Sold and ordered artwork

Some of my artwork has been sold or been ordered. Some of my artwork has travelled a long way (in…WeiterlesenSold and ordered artwork


“Devastation” by Annette Schwindt rust and acrylics on canvas (70x50cm) It has been given away to Jena/Germany where it is…WeiterlesenVerheerung

About Creativity: “Art is feeling (not knowing)!”

Annette Schwindt about creativity – interview by Pål H. Christiansen Pål: The statement in the heading is what Annette Schwindt…WeiterlesenAbout Creativity: “Art is feeling (not knowing)!”

River of life

Im Herbst 2007 hatte Farzad Kohan, ein über myspace mit mir bekannter Künstler, dazu aufgerufen, ihm Papierschiffe für die Ausstellung…WeiterlesenRiver of life

Studie von Lena

Bleistift auf Papier von 2006  WeiterlesenStudie von Lena