Artists I like: Michael Nguyen

I have discovered Michael on Facebook interacting with the posts of Antoine Josse. I liked his photos and was interested…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Michael Nguyen

Artists I like: tutticonfetti

If you’ve ever been at our place for a cup of tea, you will have noticed the beautifully designed packages…WeiterlesenArtists I like: tutticonfetti

Post aus Norwegen bekommen

Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich Morten N. Pedersen ja schon in einem Bloggespräch hier vorgestellt. Wir stehen weiterhin in regelmäßigem…WeiterlesenPost aus Norwegen bekommen

About illustrating and art – A conversation with Morten N. Pedersen

When my friend Pål H. Christiansen told me that he’d work on a new edition of Fjodor with Morten N.…WeiterlesenAbout illustrating and art – A conversation with Morten N. Pedersen

Greeting from the past

When I was discussing whether to go on with my art website or not on my facebook profile the other…WeiterlesenGreeting from the past

Der Traum – The Dream

Acrylic painting with paper on canvas 80x120cm by Annette Schwindt Currently hanging in Göttingen (private) Annette SchwindtSchreiben und Sprache sind…WeiterlesenDer Traum – The Dream

Artists I like: Wilfried Georg Barber

Finally a new artist interview again! I rather stumbled across this painter when chatting with his wife who is a…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Wilfried Georg Barber

Paintings for Hope – An Art Project by C.P. Seibt

C.P.Seibt, one of the artists I have already featured in my series „Artists I Like“ currently has a one year…WeiterlesenPaintings for Hope – An Art Project by C.P. Seibt

Artists I like: Mattias Nutt

Time to present another photographer. I met him online during a speech I had held via Skype at a Swiss…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Mattias Nutt

Artists I like: Heike Rost

The following photographer was recommended to me by a common Facebook friend. So I started to follow her there and…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Heike Rost

Artists I like: Rasso Bruckert

Finally a new interview for my artist series. This time with a photographer I’ve known for quite a while now…WeiterlesenArtists I like: Rasso Bruckert

My old atelier

When I was still a student I had my little atelier in the attic of my parents‘ house. Here are…WeiterlesenMy old atelier